Monday, 27 September 2010

Autumn Is No Good For Us Beer Drinkers

Tony has spent the weekend huffing and puffing. It's cold around here, and he says he just can't get motivated to drink the lager that's been chilling nicely in the fridge. Autumn, he says, does nothing for him.
I've got my own problems, as last Friday I received a call from the Unemployment Benefits Office. The woman who rang me treated me like dirt, and told me that I had to go and see her this week, to explain what progress I've made in looking for a job.
Tony sighed when I told him, and says that England is no longer what it used to be. He's right, as I remember the time when being unemployed meant long summer days of sitting on the beach, drinking lager, and enjoying the fact that one didn't have to work for a living.
Tony reckons that things will only get worse, and that if things carry on like this, being unemployed will be like being branded a rapist.
I reckon that he's got a point, and that the government have got a lot of explaining to do!

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