Saturday, 11 September 2010

We Are Oppressed

We've just been watching football on the television. Tony reckons that satellite television is a wonderful thing, but he's right when he says that you can't beat the atmosphere of a live match.
We would love to go and see Arsenal play, but unfortunately, the match tickets are too expensive. The other problem is that Tony has been banned from all football league grounds in England, and in europe, due to the fact that he was arrested a few years ago, for throwing sharp objects at the police, following a match between Tottenham and Arsenal. Of course, as he says, it was a miscarriage of justice, and because he's unemployed and likes to drink a lot, the police have now got him down as somebody who needs to be constantly surveyed.
All this oppression is enough to drive a man to drink, so tonight the two of us are off to the pub. Tony says that he feels at home in the pub, because most of the other customers are no strangers to fighting and being arrested.
I only hope that the place will be free of tourists, because to be honest, we've just about had enough of them for this year. 

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