Monday, 8 November 2010

A Bad Few Weeks

It's been a bad few weeks for Tony and me. He's just been released from prison after serving a three week sentence for breaking somebody's ribs in a provoked attack. And I can honestly say, it wasn't his fault. About a month ago we were both in the pub minding our own business, and talking about how we would solve the immigration crisis ("shoot the fuckers" was the best thing we could come up with), when Tony received a mouthful of abuse from an Albanian immigrant. Tony, who had downed one too many whiskies, decided to give the immigrant a well-aimed smack in the chest. Unfortunately, there were witnesses to the attack, and the police arrived just a few minutes later, to take away my only friend. The judge at the trial was less than sympathetic, and took sides with the immigrant, saying that people should be protected from the likes of Tony, because he is clearly a mindless thug, intolerant of anybody who doesn't have British nationality. Tony punched the air and smiled at the judge, before he was taken away for his three week stint behind bars.
Today, he's back in the flat, and has spent the morning telling me about some of the people he met in prison. He has nothing but admiration for the scum he was banged up with, and reckons that he learnt a thing or two during his time inside.
Tonight, we're off to the pub to celebrate his freedom, and Tony says that he just wants to have a decent drink, and be left alone. Of course, I told him that shit sticks, and that now he's been inside, his reputation will precede him. He just laughed, and said that Tony Joy is a man who knows no fear, and that it's better to be a somebody, with a nasty reputation, than a nobody, whose too afraid to even fart in public.
Yes! The boy is back, and tonight, it's going to be one hell of an evening.

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