Sunday, 21 November 2010

It's Going To Be A Bad Week

Tony looks a worried man. He's got an appointment with the woman from the Unemployment Benefit Office this morning, and he's not looking forward to it.
Last time he had his "one to one" with his "personal advisor" she suggested that he joined a Work Seekers Workshop. Tony's been out of work for three years, and he told the woman that although three years is a long time, rushing headlong into things wasn't going to make things any better. He added that nerves of steel are required in moments of despair, and that he was certain that the right job for him is just around the corner. He therefore refused to join the Work Seekers Workshop, on the grounds that experienced people like him don't benefit from wasting their time with such ridiculous schemes, and that anyway, somewhere out there a head-hunter is going to offer him the job of a lifetime.
That was six months ago, and very little has changed.
I reckon this time he'll be forced to join the Workshop, or he'll have his benefits cut off. He shudders at the thought of losing his only source of cash, and reckons that the government has got it in for him.
I can see his point, and told him that for a man that's permanently being persecuted, I admire the way he keeps his spirits up, and doesn't let life get him down.
He's promised that tonight he'll buy us double cheeseburgers and lager if all goes well, and added that people like Tony Joy don't panic in the face of adversity.
I wish him well, and am already dribbling with excitement over the thought of tonight's meal.

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