Thursday, 25 November 2010

Life Is A Lottery

Tony reckons that the lottery has done nothing to help people like us. He's right, and I'd love to know when the government is going to see us as a "good cause", and start throwing a bit of cash our way, instead of building centres for homeless drug addicts and down and out alcoholics.
It seems to us that if unemployed people like us were given a bit of beer money every now and then, whether it be in the form of hard cash or beer vouchers, it might just encourage us to start looking for a job, instead of sitting around on our fat arses moaning all the time.
Tony says that drug addicts should be rounded up and shipped off to some far flung island, instead of being homed by lottery handouts.
Once again, the boy is right, and I've often asked myself why he never took up a career in politics, because with his brain, which is literally bulging with good ideas, he could have made a very good prime minister.
Of course, it's too late now, so we must get used to the fact, and think about what might have been...

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