Saturday, 20 November 2010

Little Arsene Wenger

Tony is bursting with Joy. Today his beloved Arsenal are playing Spurs. The old rivals always produce a good match, and Tony reckons that this time things will probably explode on the pitch.
That's Tony for you - always over the top when talking about his favourite team.
He's been moaning again about the cold weather playing havoc with his lager consumption. He says that he just can't work up a thirst. I've told him to eat three packets of salted peanuts before we go to the pub to watch the match. He didn't dismiss the idea as being completely ridiculous, and as I write, he is busily chomping away like a man possessed.
If Arsenal wins, he says it will be cheeseburgers and red wine to celebrate.
Boy.......he certainly knows how to live!

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