Thursday, 18 November 2010

Violence Is The Only Answer

Tony and I watched the match last night, and afterwards, to help us get over watching our national team lose to the French - or the f**king French as Tony repeatedly called them as he screamed at the television in the pub - we chased after a couple of French students, who had been at the game, and who had the audacity to come into the pub and ask for a couple of beers.
Sid the landlord ignored them, and said that he didn't want people like them lowering the tone of the pub, but when they refused to move, Tony took matters into his own hands.
We can't run very fast, and the two froggies soon lost us, but we tried our hardest, and I reckon the Queen would have been proud of us, if she had been there.
Tony reckons that people like us are in short supply, and unless a few more people start making a stand against the continual wave of foreigners who are pouring into our country, we might as well shut up shop, and call it a day.

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