Wednesday, 17 November 2010

We're Getting Behind The Boys

We're off to the pub tonight to watch the England - France match. It's been described as a "friendly", but as Tony rightly says, the English hate the French, and he hopes that the hatred spills over onto the football pitch. He told me that he's going to wear his replica Arsenal strip, and is looking forward to getting completely hammered, whilst watching the froggies get a good thrashing.
I saw a couple of French supporters in the street earlier, talking loudly and waving their arms around. Tony says that the French can't converse like normal people, and says that arm waving and talking loudly are things that the British have managed to avoid.
At the time of writing, "Fatty" Joy is having a shower, and singing God Save The Queen very poorly. I reckon if we lose tonight he'll want to give the first French person he sees a good beating.
I can't say I blame him, and am looking forward to what could be a memorable evening.

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