Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Albanians, Bosnians & Other Eastern European Delights

Where we live in London, it seems that there's a massive number of Albanian and Bosnian immigrants, who spend their days wondering around in large numbers, and generally making a nuisance of themselves.
Of course, a lot of them have come over here to work on building sites, but as Tony rightly says, he'd rather trust a British labourer any day, compared to those that seem to be flooding in to our country from Eastern europe.
Apart from the fact that they refuse to speak English, they also seem to enjoy spending long evenings in our pub, talking loudly, swearing, and stinking the place out with their body odour.
Tony reckons that if things continue like this, he's going to seriously think about changing his drinking venue.
I agree with him, and last night, asked Sid the landlord if there was anything he could do to keep the bastards out of the pub. Sid sympathised, but all the while they're handing over loads of cash for drink, he said that business comes first, and that perhaps we should remember that Bosnians had a hard time in the nineties, when they were subjected to a civil war, and that therefore, we should be a little more understanding.
Well, Tony said that he had never heard such a load of fucking crap in his entire life, and wonders if Sid has undergone a massive personality transplant, because when it comes to racism, he's not usually shy in making his thoughts heard.
Personally, I blame it on the fact that it's almost Christmas, and that Sid has obviously taken it upon himself to show goodwill to all men.
Tony agrees, and says that Christmas is a funny time of year, and does strange things to people, but come the new year, he's certain that Sid will be back to his old self.
We can only hope and pray that he's right!

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