Tuesday, 7 December 2010

American Candy

Tony was on top form in the pub last night, and he left with a real spring in his step, after spending a few hours with Candy - a 22 year old student, who comes from Florida.
Of course, Tony loving all things American , was immediately taken in by the delightful Candy, and although she's due to return to the States before Christmas, he reckons that he's going to keep in touch with her, by internet.
I've never seen the boy so full of joy, and he reckons that if he plays his cards right, he could end up moving to Florida, and settling down over there.
Of course, I told him he'll need to get a job, but as he said, if it means being near to Candy, it wouldn't bother him if he worked in a hamburger restaurant. Now, I know he loves burgers, but spending eight hours a day cooking and serving the things is something else. Also, he's no good at taking orders from superiors, which obviously would be a bit of a problem if he got a job in a fast-food restaurant, at the very bottom of the career ladder. He agreed that his violent temper may stop a few potential employers from hiring him, but he says that every man should be given a chance.
Personally, I can't see it working, and considering he has a criminal record as long as his arm, and hasn't even got a passport, I reckon he'll still be here this time next year.
The boy knows I'm right, but just hates to admit defeat.

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