Friday, 3 December 2010

A Good Deed

There we were, Tony and me, in the pub last night, enjoying a few whiskies, when the ambiance of the evening was ruined by the arrival of a Japanese family, who were clearly lost, and in need of some guidance.
We don't get many Japanese tourists in the pub, partly because we're way off the tourist-trail, but also because our pub is very anti-land-of-the-rising-sun, and all things and people who hail from Japan.
Sid the landlord was disgusted was the father of the family tapped Tony on the shoulder, and in very poor English, asked how to get to Regent Street. Well, of course, Tony doesn't like to be bothered when he's drinking whisky and talking about football, unless it's a matter of life or death, which in this case it certainly wasn't.
To be fair, and because he was in a good mood, Tony politely told the Jap to go and ask a policeman the way to Regent Street, when he would have normally unleashed a load of foul-mouthed abuse. The Jap smiled and before leaving, asked Tony if he could take a photo of him and his family, so he could show his friends back in Tokyo what a typical English pub looked like.
Tony was more than willing, but as he never does anything for free, insisted that he was rewarded with a couple of whiskies for him and me, together with a few beers. The Jap seemed more than pleased to oblige, and even joined us at the bar, to toast the Queen and all things English.
Even Sid chuckled at the scene that unfolded before his very eyes, and when the Jap had left, he agreed that although he hates the slitty-eyed b*stards, he's more than happy to take their cash from them.

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