Wednesday, 1 December 2010

No Festive Joy Around Here

This year we won't be bothering with a Christmas tree, because Tony reckons that we haven't got a lot to celebrate. I've told him that we've got our health, we've got a roof over our heads, and although we're unemployed, we've still got hope.
He admires my spirit, but is adamant that Christmas will be off the menu this year, and that anyway, it's only for kids.
Of course, we will still go to the pub over the festive period, with a view to getting hopelessly drunk and causing trouble along the way, but there's no way we're going to be decorating the flat with garlands and plastic holly.
I think the boy is right when he says that it's been a tough year, and I agree with him when he says that during the lowest moments of 2010, it's only been strong lager, cigarettes and cheeseburgers that have kept us going, when other people would have given up all hope.
Now we're off to the pub for a few pints of liquid therapy, and maybe a game of darts...

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