Saturday, 11 December 2010

A Sick Boy

The boy Tony hasn't been very well these last few days, and after having spent three days confined to his bed, he's only just started to move around.
He blames his illness on the fact that he's unemployed, because the government doesn't pay us enough benefits to be able to buy fresh fruit and vegetables, which as we all know, are crammed with vitamins.
I reckon he's not wrong, and have told him that if people like us are expected to use our beer money to buy oranges and apples, then it's a very poor state of affairs indeed.
As Tony says, lager, whisky, cheeseburgers and cigarettes are the priority for us, and if we've got to sacrifice our alcolol intake in the name of staying well, then it's just another kick in the balls for unemployed people.
Of course, he's right when he says immigrants and political refugees get well and truly looked after by our government, whilst British people like us are being treated worse than the very lowest form of life.
We're now off to the pub to enjoy a few pints, and celebrate the fact that Tony is still alive.

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