Tony has been up all night, tossing and turning, wondering if his life is ever going to get better, or if it's always going to be a tale of woe, and a complete and utter disaster.
I would like to sympathise with him, but as I've said on many occasions, life is what we want it to be, and if he wants to improve his life, he's got to sit down, and make a list of all the things that he's got to change, if he's ever going to emerge, from what he calls, "the shadows of despair."
As I write, the boy is next door, pen in hand, busily noting all the things that he reckons are wrong in his life, and what alternatives there are to help get things back on track.
He's just shown me his list, and here it is:
Number 1: Instead of drinking very strong, export-strength lager, I should switch to drinking alcohol-free lager
Number 2: Instead of watching hours and hours of porn, I should watch educational documentaries
Number 3: I should give up eating cheeseburgers, and start eating healthy salads
Number 4: I should give up smoking, and take up a healthy hobby, like kite-flying or water polo
Number 5: Instead of sitting around all day, doing nothing, I should get a job
I have to admire the boy for his determination, but as he and I both know, his five-point plan for a better life is never going to work, all the while he's got a hole between his buttocks, and night follows day.
He agrees with me, and as I write, he's decided that it's best if we go to the pub, get very drunk, and therefore forget about our shit lives!