Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Avoid All Things Spanish

Tony reckons that the spanish are a strange lot, and can't see why every year millions of British holiday-makers make Spain one of their preferred destinations.
Of course, constant sunshine and cheap beer might be two of the reasons, but apart from that, Tony says that Spain has got nothing to offer a pair of culturally cultivated individuals like him and I.
I think he's right, and if her in the upstairs flat is anything to go by, spanish women are definately a lot uglier than some of their european counterparts. I think that her upstairs is called Rosa, and apart from a terrible facial hair problem, she has a problem with body odour. Tony says that hair on a woman isn't such a bad thing, providing that it's in all the right places, and there's not too much of it. However, he says that bad body odour has never done much for him.
One of the servers at our local burger bar is spanish, and I must say that her acne and poor command of the English language is getting just too much for us to cope with. Tony says that it's not right that we should have to put up with such ugliness, and that the girl should be fired, or at least moved into the kitchens, away from the gaze of the public.
Once again, I have to agree with the boy, and as I said to him, what can one expect from a country who gave the world bull-fights and paella. In a word - NOTHING, but as he said, at a push, it's not as bad as Greece...

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