Sunday, 23 January 2011

Healthy Eating? Not For Us

So there we were, at our favourite fast food restaurant, when Tony started to become agitated. But then again, I can't really blame the boy for thinking that the world has gone fucking mad.
I mean, all we wanted were a couple of decent cheeseburgers, fries and something sugary to drink, whilst the customer in front of us didn't know whether to go for a fish burger or just a simple salad.
When we finally got served and sat at our favourite table in the corner of the restaurant, Tony commented on the fact that the current healthy eating buzz has turned us into a nation of vegetarians, who are more content to eat a bowl of lettuce than a decent steak.
Of course, it's all very well to sometimes go for the healthy option, but whilst vitamins are all very nice, a decent quarter pounder with a delicious slice of melted cheese is so much better.
Tony says that the Europeans are to blame, and he says it won't be too long before celery burgers and roasted peppers start to make an appearance in England. I think he's right, and after watching a documentary on television the other day, I couldn't help but remark that the government should turn its attention to more serious matters - like the immigration crisis - instead of paying "experts" thousands of pounds to tell us that carrots are good for us, but drinking excessive amounts of strong lager certainly isn't!
Still, as the boy says, we live in a democracy, so all the while we have a choice, he says you can shove your salads where the sun doesn't shine, and keep the burgers coming!

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