Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Tony & The Australian Family

Tony was on top form in the pub last night. After managing to secure credit facilities from Sid the landlord (owing to our current cash-flow problem), we wasted no time in getting ridiculously drunk, and upsetting anyone who we felt deserved a good going over.
The boy did well to spot an Australian family huddled in the corner of the pub, trying to escape the English winter, by enjoying a drink in the warmth of the bar.
Of course, to Tony, this was just an opportunity to start shouting at the top of his voice how glad he was that our boys down under had given the fucking Aussie cricket team a good, and well-deserved bashing. The father started to cringe, and to be fair, mouthed back at Tony that the next time round they'll wipe the floor with us. Tony, incensed at the reply, said that he would be surprised that there will be a next time for our boys to play in Australia, because if the current flooding gets any worse, the whole country will disappear under the rainwater which is currently pissing down by the bucket load on the country. There was no reply to that, except that Sid piped up and said that any country that is responsible for giving the world Kylie Minogue and Crocodile Dundee only gets what it deserves!
Needless to say, the family made a hasty exit, with the father muttering as he left that Tony should have been shot at birth.

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