Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Help The Starving People Of The World

We've just come back from the pub, and even though we're unemployed and living day to day, Tony reckons that because we live in a democracy, we'll always be looked after.
I think that the boy is right, and can't help but think that so many of the problems which are currently affecting Tunisia, Egypt and other african countries are a result of these countries being run by dictators, who prefer to make themselves rich, instead of feeding their citizens.
Tony says that cheap burgers could be the solution to the north african crisis, and says that the United Nations should consider airlifting tonnes of cheese, bacon and chicken burgers to the worst affected areas, to help put a smile back on the faces of the world's unfed masses.
As usual, I think that Tony has come up with a real winner, and reckon that by even throwing in a few Happy Meals, that lot in north africa will soon start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
As we speak, the boy is in the kitchen, going through last night's leftovers in the bin, to see if there's anything we can stick in the post straight away, to at least help a family or two.
And there I was, thinking that he's just a fat, heartless bastard, who only thinks about himself, when all along, he's right up there with Mother Theresa and other do-gooders!

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