Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Spring.....when a young man's fancy turns to lager.

Today we opened the only window in the flat, to take in some of what Tony calls the "taste of spring." It's the first time since November that we've opened the window, and I reckon that the boy's right when he says that winter is over, and springtime is upon us, even if it has arrived much earlier than usual.
It's great to get some fresh air in the flat, because to be quite honest, the place was beginning to smell a little bit on the stale side, with the constant odour of cheeseburgers, cigarettes and bodily gasses circulating on a daily basis, but never quite disappearing.
Last night, an expert said that global warming in to blame for the unusually high temperatures we're experiencing in London, but as Tony says, he doesn't give two fucks about WHY it's warm outside, but instead he's just happy that we'll now be able to walk to and from the pub, without risking death by severe frostbite. Also, as he rightly adds, the warm weather gives us a real reason to start drinking more lager, if we're to avoid suffering the effects of dehydration.
Unfortunately, the downside of the warm weather is that the streets of London will soon start to fill with tourists, but as Tony points out, it's a small price to pay, and after all, if the tourists in question happen to be eighteen year old, female Swedish virgins, then it's not really much of a problem.
Now, we're off to the pub to ease ourselves into the summer of 2011, and to drink ourselves completely senseless!

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