Friday, 4 March 2011

Five Glorious Years

The boy Tony and me have been celebrating the fact that we've both been unemployed for five years.
We once worked for the same commercial bank, held good positions, and earnt a decent salary, but after the bank was sold, our jobs went, and now here we are, unemployed.
Of course, as Tony says, we could waste the rest of our lives thinking about the past, but that will never bring us our jobs back. NO, NO and NO! So we decided a long time ago to give up looking for work, and instead indulge in our favourite pastimes of drinking, smoking and eating cheeseburgers.
As Tony says, we're a burden to decent, hard working tax-payers, because it's people like them who pay for us. But as I said, quite frankly, I don't give two fucks, and regret that I never took up unemployment earlier in life.
As I write, the boy is next door getting ready for our trip to the pub. Tony and me both enjoy our daily drinking sessions, because as he says, if it wasn't for strong lager and vast amounts of whisky, we wouldn't have much to live for.
Now I'll drink to that!

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