Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Off To The Coast

The boy Tony is leaving London for a few days, and heading to the Kent coast, so he can spend some time with his son, Ray.
Tony split up with his partner a few years ago, after a turbulent relationship, which Tony describes as "the worst few years" of his life. Still, he's proud of his son, and is glad that his boy is already beginning to resemble his father. It's true that Ray is a chip off the old block, and although he's only six, his obesity is there for all to see, his use of foul language can only be admired, and although he's only young, he's already got a taste for strong lager and cigarettes, which Tony reckons will prepare his boy for the harshness of life, when he gets older.
I reckon Tony's right when he says that only the fittest survive, and that places like London can only harden people to the harsh realities of life.
Tony's also looking forward to getting some fresh, sea air into his lungs, and above all, he's getting really excited about taking a train to the coast, which he says adds to the romance of the situation.
As I know only too well, Tony just loves travelling by train, because as he rightly says, you can drink yourself senseless, stare out of the window, and just enjoy the ride.
Bon voyage you fat bastard, and come back soon!

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