Sunday, 13 March 2011

A Perfect Opportunity...

The royal wedding is just under two months away, and although Tony and me are very anti-royal, Tony reckons that with all of the millions of toursists pouring into London to get a glimpse of the occasion, the opportunity for him to indulge in a bit of pick-pocketing will be just perfect.
He's already worked out his plan of attack, and reckons that if everything goes well, he will be a few thousand pounds richer by the end of April.
I must say that the boy is really coming on well with his new career, and although he agrees that theft is wrong, it always brings a smile to his face when he thinks about how easy it is to earn so much cash, without much effort at all.
Of course, he knows that there will be a massive police presence at the wedding, but as he says, the average English policeman is no match for his stealth.
Anyway, as Tony says, if the government paid us more unemployment benefit, and gave us an occasional bonus, people like him wouldn't have to turn to petty crime. Once again, the boy has hit the nail on the head with his analysis of the problem, and I can only agree with him when he says that only the government is to blame for the increase in crime.

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