Sunday, 10 April 2011

Tony & His War Games

Tony's been up all night playing on his games console. He reckons that since last night he has killed literally thousands of other on-line players, and now his ranking has risen to that of three star general.
I haven't seen the boy so excited for such a long time, and as I write, he's dancing around with joy, having just killed another player in New Zealand, who was beginning to get the better of him.
I've told Tony that his health will suffer if he continues to deprive his body of sleep, but as he rightly says, being unemployed, he can spend all day in bed tomorrow, when everybody else goes to work.
We're now getting ready for our usual Sunday lunchtime trip to the pub, where we'll indulge in six or seven pints of strong lager, and then grab a couple of cheeseburgers on the way home.
Tony then plans to continue his war against the rest of the world, with him telling me that he won't sleep until he's reached the rank of Supreme Commander.
I think it's going to be a very long day...

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