Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A Hairdresser From Hell

Last night the pub seemed to be the epicentre of homosexuality, as the place was overrun with a vast number of very gay men, all making a nuisance of themselves.
Sid chuckled when he saw them all arrive in the pub at the same time, and although he, like us, prefers men to be men, he was glad to take their money from them.
Apparently, all of the men were hairdressers, and they were in London to attend an exhibition.
Tony asked one of the men why is it that all male hairdressers are fucking queer, to which the hairdresser replied that he WASN'T gay, and was in fact happily married, with two kids. At that point, Tony laughed, and said that straight, male hairdressers just don't exist.
Well, the guy was most offended, but seeing that Tony looked like somebody who could become easily violent, he turned his attention to Sid, and asked him if he had a problem with gay, male hairdressers.
Sid smiled and said that he will serve anything and anybody in his pub, providing that it or they are older than eighteen, and it or they don't make a nuisance of themselves.
The guy was most impressed, and said Sid was an example of the older generation coming to terms with the fact that homosexuality is here to stay.
When the queers finally left the pub, to do whatever it is they do to one another, Sid bought me and Tony a drink, and said that the world has gone fucking mad.
Tony and me agreed, and after finishing our drinks, we headed off home, happy in the knowledge that Tony had refrained from beating the hell out of somebody, after being pushed to his very limits.
Still, as Tony said, since he's been attending his anger-management classes, he reckons that he's become a big, soft teddy-bear, who understands that the world is full of all sorts of people, even if some of those people are fucking odd!

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