Friday, 22 July 2011

Must Get A Job

The boy Tony and me are worried, because we have no money in the bank, and there's a pile of bills that need paying.
Now, normally, we aren't bothered by such financial hardship, but as Tony said, if things carry on like this for much longer, we may have to consider getting a job.
Well, FUCK ME, this wasn't the sort of thing I wanted to hear in the middle of summer, and so after telling Tony that working for a living never solved any of life's great problems, I was relieved to hear that he agreed with me, and that he'll never talk about getting a job ever again.
I blame the heat for Tony's demented ramblings, and reckon that he needs a good few pints of strong lager inside of him to calm him down, and get him back in the real world.
Tony agrees with me, and although he says our financial problems are worse than they've ever been, he reckons that by adopting Churchill's never say die attitude, in a few days time, everything will be fine.
Thank god that the boy has seen the light, and to help celebrate the fact that we've decided to stay unemployed for the rest of our lives, we're off for a few cheeseburgers, and then some strong lager, with a few whiskies thrown in for good measure.

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