Wednesday, 13 July 2011

New Neighbours, Same Problems

The family upstairs were evicted yesterday, and although Tony and me don't like to see a single mother and her seven children homeless, we reckon that she had it coming.
I mean, I can't remember the last time I had a decent night's sleep, because of her upstairs, and her habit of fucking all hours, without giving a fuck for the people living beneath her. And then there were the kids - all seven of them - who seemed to enjoy nothing more than running up and down the stairs, shouting and screaming, and hurling abuse at decent, honest people like Tony and me.
So, we were well and truly relieved when the police arrived yesterday to remove her from her flat.
Sadly, our happiness was short lived, when a family of six arrived this morning, to take possession of the flat.
Tony says that the new neighbours look even worse than the last ones, and what's more, if the noise is anything to go by, it seems that the woman also enjoys to spend much of her time in bed, testing the resistance of her mattress.
Tony reckons that having bad neighbours is enough to drive a man to drink, and so, as I write, the boy is just putting on his shoes, because he says he's off to the pub, to get a bit of peace and quiet.
Now, for once, the boy has had a great idea, and although I lack the energy to follow him to the pub, I think I'll go anyway, because I need a drink more than ever.

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