Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Chinese Problem

Tony's not laughing much these days, and as we're both confined to our flat due to having no money, I can't even suggest a visit to the pub to cheer him up.
And what's behind this latest outbreak of misery?
Well, the boy reckons that with all of the world's financial markets in meltdown, the value of the pound is likely to deteriorate even further.
To put his mind at rest, I told him that as neither he nor I have a pound between us, this latest financial crisis is hardly going to affect us. Although he agreed with me, he reckons that during times such as these, the price of beer and cheeseburgers should be slashed, so that people can buy more for their money, get drunk, eat more, and generally forget about what's going on in the world.
Now, although I've said it a hundred times before, I reckon that Tony is a man who could help get our country back on its feet, with his no-nonsense approach.
He then said that the Chinese are to blame for all of the world's current problems, with their cheap, crap products, which are flooding the markets, and putting great nations like America and England at risk.
Of course, it's well known that Tony and me have very little time for the Chinese, and reckon that it's a real shame that Reagan and Thatcher are no longer around, because they would have surely agreed that the best way to deal with the bastards would be by bombing them into oblivion, and not giving two fucks about the consequences.
Still, as the boy rightly says, we can but hope that one day soon the world's markets will stabilise, he and I will both get a job, and that we can spend more time in the pub, where the beer's great, but the conversation is shit!

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