Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Sandra, From Seattle

Once again Tony and me find ourselves in a terrible situation, with very little money left in the bank, no food in the cupboards and only a few cigarettes left. What's more, we were both looking forward to stuffing our faces this lunchtime with some of the finest cheeseburgers money can buy, but as Tony rightly says, there's now about as much chance as that happening as there is in Jesus Christ releasing a cover version of Elvis Presley's Are You Lonesome Tonight.
Still, as I said to the boy, we've only got ourselves to blame for the mess we're in, and if things get much worse, we may have to think about getting jobs, joining the world of nine to five boredom, and working for a living.
Tony laughed, and said that he's been unemployed for so long, he can't even remember what his last job was. I told him that it was when he worked with me at a bank, when the hours were long, the pay was poor, but because our office was opposite a pub, we used to get merrily drunk every lunchtime.
However, I reckon Tony's right when he says that although our financial situation is worse than that of a third-world country, we shouldn't panic, because after all, we're fighters, and as he often says, there's bound to be something good waiting for us around the corner.
So, we're now off to the pub with what very little cash we have, because Tony's hoping to see Sandra from Seattle, who was in the pub last night, with her parents.
Of course, Tony thought that Sandra was the one for him, with her flowing hair and blue eyes, and a natural charm that he reckons would make her a perfect porn-movie star.  Personally, I thought that she was nothing special, but as Tony says, in moments of depression, he needs a good woman to help him take his mind off his problems, and help him realise that there's more to life than cheeseburgers, football and being unemployed!

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