Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Jobs, Sex & Free Sandwiches

Tony and me have spent most of the day at a jobs fair, to see if there’s anything on offer for two long-term, unemployed men, like us, who want to get back into the world of employment.
Well, that’s what we told the very attractive looking girl behind the desk, who asked us what exactly it is we want to do, to earn our living.
Of course, we have no interest in working for a living, especially as winter is on the horizon, and as the boy Tony rightly observes, staying indoors is the only thing we can really think about doing, when the temperature drops below zero, and even the thought of venturing out and going to the pub is enough to send a chill down our spines.
So why the fuck did we get up early this morning, get a bus to north London, and spend a few hours drifting around aimlessly, listening to recruitment consultants talking utter shit, and giving our CV’s to potential employers?
Well - don’t fucking ask me.
But all I can say is that the free sandwiches at lunchtime were great, the free bottles of mineral water were less than great, but the time we spent after, in the pub around the corner, was really great, and that Jenny and Samantha, from Nevada, are both in the bathroom, getting ready for a night out that we hope none of us will forget in a hurry.
And as Tony rightly says: working for a living is okay, but going to the pub, with a pair of stunners from America, is just so much better.
Now, I’ll drink to that!

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