Sunday, 30 October 2011

Napoleon, Elvis, Tony & Me!

Last night's fancy-dress Halloween party was a real success, with Tony beating his own personal lager drinking record of nineteen pints in an evening. He managed twenty-two pints of export-strength lager before deciding that his body wasn't meant to support so much beer, and therefore had no choice but to vomit the contents of his stomach over another party-goer, who had come disguised as Napoleon.
Tony laughed when he realised what he had done, telling the pub that he doesn't like the French very much, and that if he had vomited over Napoleon it was because "a force stronger than him had compelled him to do it."
Sid, the landlord of the pub, was dressed up as Elvis (before he died), which we all thought was a fine homage to a man who Sid ranks alongside Winston Churchill as "a man who did so much for the world."
The winner of the best-dressed party-goer was a guy who came disguised as Adolf Hitler, which won him a bottle of champagne and a free pint of beer.
Tony went as himself, saying that fancy-dress isn't really his thing. However, his bulging stomach, beer-stained t-shirt and colourful language made most of us believe that he had actually gone to the party dressed as a football hooligan.
Needless to say, we all had a great evening, and even if Tony had vomited over one of France's finest generals, seeing Napoleon covered in vomit just made the party that so much better!

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