Sunday, 2 October 2011

Running Wild In London

Tony and me have spent most of the weekend with a couple of girls from Canada, who we met the other night, in the pub.
Beth and Cindy are over here for a few weeks, for part of their architecture and design course, to see just how magnificent London's architecture really is, and how the face of London has changed over the centuries.
Tony reckons that studying buildings sounds as about as interesting as taking photos of butterflies, and if it wasn't for the fact that Beth and Cindy seem like they're desperate to have sex with two men like us, I reckon the boy would have given the two girls their marching orders Friday night.
Still, we have completed phase one of the mating process, after spending all day yesterday in Hyde Park, drinking cans of warm lager, smoking cheap cigarettes, and promising the girls a Sunday they're not likely to forget in a hurry.
We're now off for an open-top bus tour of London, to take in Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and...yawn...Tower Bridge, after which we'll go to the pub, to study a fine example of sixteenth century architecture, as we gaze up at the oak-beam ceiling, whilst drinking cold lager, and preparing ourselves for phase two of the weekend - sex.
And Tony's right when he says that our bedrooms are a fine example of contemporary design, which Beth and Cindy should appreciate, and which is why we've decided to dedicate all of this afternoon to helping our friends study the angles and layout of our flat, in between doing things with the two of us.

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