Sunday, 23 October 2011

Winning All The Way!

Tony reckons that we're now on a winning streak, since he won a very welcome sum of money in the pub last night, in a high-stakes poker game.
Of course, Sid, the landlord of our favourite drinking establishment had to wait until closing time before the game could begin, as gambling is illegal in the pub, and he didn't want any bother with the police, who he reckons are all bastards, and would be better off catching real criminals, instead of persecuting honest people like him, who only want to put a bit if sunshine into the lives of depressed people like Tony and me.
Sid fell by the wayside early on in the game, leaving Tony and me up against a couple of ugly looking bastards from north London, who tried to intimidate us by wearing sunglasses throughout the game, and repeatedly mentioning the fact that they've both spent time in prison for attempted murder.
Needless to say, the boy Tony took it all in his stride, and just after one o'clock this morning walked away from the game with over a thousand pounds in cash.
Of course, the losers were far from happy, but as Tony often says, other peoples' happiness isn't his problem.
Still, I reckon my overweight friend is right when he says that God was smiling down on us last night, and that him winning the poker game of his life probably ranks alongside John F Kennedy getting shot, because people in years to come will still be talking about the day Tony showed the world that although he may be a hopeless loser when it comes to getting a job, when it comes to poker and drinking lager, he's a born WINNER!

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