Sunday, 13 November 2011

Made In China

Tony and me have just returned from Hyde Park, where we've spent the last few hours selling cheap and tacky souvenirs, of some of London's finest landmarks, to tourists who wanted to take home with them a little reminder of our fine city.
Of course, the source of our stock of souvenirs was far from bona-fide, but any fears I had about the origin of our crap gifts were soon washed away by a tsunami of eager customers, who helped bring a smile to our faces, and put some much needed cash back into our pockets.
Tony also reckons that we've done the British economy a massive favour, by selling our "Made In China" rubbish to mainly Chinese tourists, who were more than pleased to hand over their cash.
I agree with the boy, and whilst it's nice to know that our models of Buckingham Palace will soon be returning to where they came from, thanks to a bus-load of visitors from Shanghai, it's even better to know that we can now go to the pub, and get completely drunk!

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    Anyway, I think this blog is pretty unique and you have something here. As shotty or low-life individuals as you call yourselves, I don't see you that way. I see two blokes just coasting through life, avoiding the hustle and bustle... making your own hours, doing what the F you want to do. That's great, many people here int he U.S. need to follow that method of thinking. Anyway, guys if you want you can give me one unique on my site at

    I'll be back here reading up on this interesting perspective of life in Europe, you guys have.... DRINK UP BITCHES!!!