Sunday, 6 November 2011

A Weekend With Glen, Andy, Emma & Linda

We've had one hell of a weekend in north London, where Tony and me met up with our friends Glen and Andy.
Glen was pleased that we both made the effort to go and see him and Andy, telling Tony that a change of scenery sometimes does wonders for a man's morale, and that north London has some of the finest drinking establishments on the planet.
Apart from drinking, smoking and watching football, we were also introduced to Glen's new girlfriend, Emma, who he describes as a down to earth sort of girl, who likes nothing more that the most basic things in life.
To be fair to Glen, I must congratulate him on his latest choice of partner, who Tony reckons is a cross between Jennifer Lopez and Kylie Minogue, with a little bit of Amy Winehouse (before she died), thrown in for good measure. Emma seems to be madly in love with Glen, and although their romance is in its early stages, she's already had Glen's name tattooed on her left arm.
Tony says that love is a wonderful thing, and that it's a pleasure to see two young lovers burning bright, in an otherwise dull and loveless world.
Andy agreed with the boy's sentiments, saying that now Glen has got himself a new girl, perhaps she will help tame him, and take the agressive edge out of him, in the same way his own girlfriend, Linda, has done for him.
Personally, I can't see Glan and Andy turning from wild beasts into cuddly toys, because as Tony rightly says, love may be a splendid thing, but compared to getting completely hammered, hitting people for no apparent reason, and going on the rampage because your favourite football team has just lost a very important match, it doesn't really seem that great after all!

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