Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Another Spectacular Failure

So, Tony's latest job as a Father Christmas impersonator didn't last long, after his employer fired him yesterday for turning up for work drunk, and telling a customer that her child was an ugly bastard.
The boy's not that concerned, because as he rightly says, it's too cold to go to work, and being nice to children isn't really his thing.
We're now off to the pub to spend what very little money he managed to earn in the two days he worked, and I only hope that the pub is tourist-free, because Tony is in one of his vile moods, which are hard to control, and made worse by drinking vast amounts of strong lager.
Of course, even if we remain hopelessly poor, our plans for our party remain unchanged, because as Tony says, it's only right that we wave goodbye to 2011 in the only way we know how - by getting together with our friends, drinking heavily, and singing very loudly until we all collapse in a heap, on the pub floor.
We know that Glen is coming to the party, with his girlfriend, but we're not sure if Andy will be available, as he's up in front of the judge next week on a violent conduct charge. Kevin, the potato peeler from hell hopes to join us, but as I said to Tony, I only hope that the fucking parasite brings some money with him, because I don't see why the rest of us should pay for another man's lager all night long.
Naturally, the venue for the party is our favourite pub, because even if the lager is crap, and the landlord is a miserable bastard, to us it's the place to be, when all we want to do is PARTY!!!

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