Sunday, 4 December 2011

God & Apples

Tony wants the latest Apple i-pad for Christmas, but because of our dire financial situation, I've told him that we've got to tighten our belts, and that means that buying expensive technological hardware is strictly out of the question.
But Tony soon put my mind at ease, and told me that he has no intention of buying an i-pad, but instead has decided to get hold of one (or two), by way of theft.
Of course, and as I told my thieving friend, theft is immoral, with even one of the ten commandments telling us that "thou shall not steal."
Tony laughed when I quoted from the bible, admitting that although theft is a crime, he reckons that God has got enough to be getting on with, instead of worrying about a fat bastard like him helping himself to an i-pad, or two.
Having now given the matter some thought, I can see Tony's point, and agree that with earthquakes, tsunamis, civil wars and soaring unemployment to deal with, the Almighty one probably doesn't give a shit right now about how on Christmas morning we're going to be the proud recipients of two Apple i-pads.
Tony's pleased that I've seen the light, and to celebrate the fact that his Christmas wish is going to come true, we're now off to the pub to get absolutely hammered.

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