Monday, 16 January 2012

For Rent: Luxury Apartment With Blocked Toilet

With the Olympic games being held in London this year, Tony reckons that there's a fortune to be made from the thousands of tourists who will be pouring into our fine city, to watch the various sporting events.
The boy has already decided to rent our flat to a Dutch family, who he met in the pub last night, and who are coming to London in the summer, especially to watch the games.
To be fair, the father was very drunk when Tony proposed our river-side apartment, with twin en-suite bedrooms and a spacious lounge, and wasted no time in handing over a hundred pounds, which Tony asked for as a deposit on the apartment. The man then said that he would meet us today to visit the apartment, and to sign the contract.
Of course, we both laughed as we waved goodbye to our friends from Amsterdam, a hundred pounds better off, and having taught an old man the lesson that drinking too much beer can lead to financial hardship.
Needless to say, we blew the cash on cheeseburgers and ice-cold lager, before returning to our flat, which is nowhere near a river, and boasts only one toilet, which is permanently blocked.
Sid, the landlord of our favourite pub, reckons that we're just a wicked pair of bastards, but because we invested most of the hundred pounds into his pub, and are his most loyal customers, he also said that he only hopes that our property rental business continues to grow!

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