Monday, 2 January 2012

It's Written In The Stars

We've finally recovered from the mother of all parties, which saw us into 2012 with loud music, lager and frozen pizza.

Tony and me had one hell of a time, and as the dust has finally settled on 2011, we have decided what we're going to do, and not do, in the coming year.

Tony has already got a real spring in his step this morning, after reading his horoscope, which promises "an exciting year ahead, full of new challenges, and love from an unlikely source."

The boy laughed when he read out loud about his chances of love in 2012, saying that long-term relationships aren't his thing. All he wants, he added, is a woman to fuck every now and then, without the need to buy her expensive presents, take her to a restaurant, or constantly bombard her with compliments.

Neither of us are looking for new challenges, because being long-term unemployed, we have nothing in life to aim for.

I think Tony mentioned that he might look for a job, if our financial woes continue, but after drinking excessive amounts of lager at the new year's eve party, he changed his mind, and said that stable unemployement would play havoc with his lifestyle.

I reckon that Tony's right, and even the thought of working makes me feel ill.

So, for us, it's life as usual, and although love may come from an unlikely source, unless it brings with it free beer and cigarettes, we're just not interested!

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