Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Tony's Friend

Tony has just announced that one of his friends is coming to visit us this weekend.
Alan, from the north of England, is one of Tony's many friends that he's made since joining a very well known social networking site.
I asked Tony if I could take a look at Alan's profile, and when I saw what the man had to say about himself, I can't for the life of me think why Tony would want to even give our address to such a person, let alone allow him to stay with us during a forty-eight hour period.
Alan, from Manchester, describes himself as one of life's losers, who hasn't worked for years, and who enjoys nothing more than drinking very strong lager, watching football, and fishing. He's also been married three times, has six children, and describes his religion as atheist. Alan ends his rather glowing self-portrait by stating that he's interested in the occult, religious sects and films starring Clint Eastwood. He also mentions that he joined the networking site because he feels that the internet is the gateway to a better class of person.
I can see why Tony has invited Alan to stay with us, because as the boy rightly says, people who confess to liking strong lager and football have to be worth meeting, don't they?
Personally, I predict another terrible weekend ahead of us, and only hope that Alan decides to stay at home, or better still, joins a religious sect, and spends the rest of his days in a place far away from London.

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