Sunday, 19 February 2012

Lager, Cigarettes & The Anglo-French Problem

We had a great evening last night, thanks to a couple of French female students we met in our favourite pub, and who are in London for a few days, to study the habits of English people living in London.
Of course, their perfume and chic clothes soon attracted Tony's attention, and although he would be the first to admit that the French aren't quite his cup of tea, even he admits that French women are certainly sexier than their British counterparts.
I reckon that the boy's right, and although Valerie and Beatrice were a little shy at first, they soon opened themselves up, when we started to ply them with strong lager and cheap cigarettes.
Valerie said that her studies have given her a whole new insight into English people, who the French generally view with an air of suspicion. She said that she now sees the English as an insular race, happy on their little island, unattached to the European mainland, and therefore unhindered by annoying and irritating neighbours.
Tony laughed when Valerie gave us her opinion of the English, saying that she was absolutely right, and that not having fucking Germany as a neighbour is something that the English are grateful for. He then suggested that we moved on to one of our preferred restaurants, because it being a Saturday evening, he was in the mood for a couple of double cheeseburgers and fries.
Needless to say, the girls joined us, and after dining on the finest burgers their money could buy us, Valerie and Beatrice joined Tony and me back at our flat, to help improve Anglo-French relations, and to bring the four of us a little closer together!

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