Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Say It With Flowers

With Valentine's Day rapidly approaching, Tony reckons that the opportunities to make a quick pound are there to be taken.
I have to admire the boy's spirit, even if I'll probably find myself on the 14th February selling stolen flowers to passers-by, who can't believe just how cheap our roses really are.
Last year we made a killing at the pub, with Tony and me offloading most of our dodgy flowers to drunken men, who had forgotten to buy their loved ones something for the special day.
Too much alcohol can lead grown men to do the strangest of things, which include paying twenty pounds for a couple of half-dead roses.
Still, the boy says that his role in life is to bring happiness to others, and that somewhere in south-east London there are plenty of men who'll be "saying it with flowers" next Tuesday, thanks to Tony Joy and Dave Cooper.
We're now off to the pub for a couple of pints, and to discuss our plans for Easter, when we'll be hitting the streets with chocolate eggs, wind-up bunnies and anything else that could make us a quick profit.

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