Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Dreaming Of Foreign Shores

Tony says that a holiday would do him the world of good right now, and after spending all morning on the internet, he reckons that a trip to New York would do wonders for his flagging morale, and help bring some much-needed cheer to his life.
I told my fat friend that the idea sounds great, and that a place as vibrant as New York would certainly inject some fun into our lives.
Sadly, however, we don't have the thousand pounds that's needed to take us away for the four day break, and unless a miracle occurs in south-east London, we won't be getting to see New York, and all of its attractions.
Of course, miracles DO sometimes happen, and as Tony rightly said, God works in mysterious ways, and even though he may not have done us many favours up to now, he could be preparing to change our lives, by giving us the cash that will get us a couple of plane tickets to America.
Personally, I very much doubt that, but because Tony is convinced that divine intervention is the only thing that will send us on our way, he's now off to our local church, to say a few prayers, and and ask the Almighty one if not only he can get us to New York, but if there's any chance that we can go first class.

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