Thursday, 29 March 2012

Looking For Hyde Park & Paella

So, as the first of this year's summer tourists start to trickle through the pub's doors, Tony and me can only hope that we don't have to put up with too many like those we were forced to endure last night.
It was a family of four, from Spain, that caused us a few problems, wanting to know the best way to get to Hyde Park, and whether or not paella was on the pub menu.
Sid, the landlord of our favourite pub, explained - very slowly, so the dumbest family on earth could understand - that although he likes to dabble with international cusine (pizza, cheeseburgers & pasta), sadly, there's not much for demand for paella in south-east London. And as for Hyde Park, well that's easy: Turn right out of the pub, continue along the road for six miles, and then turn left. You'll see Hyde Park, just in front of you, in all its natural glory. And fortunately, it's not difficult to miss, because it's big and green.
The family soon left, realising that we're not the most friendly people on earth, and made the immediate mistake of turning LEFT as they left the pub.
Still, as Sid said, if they continued for six miles, in the opposite direction, they would have ended up at Heathrow Airport, which isn't such a bad thing, because there they can hop on a plane, and fly back to where they belong!

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