Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mystic Marion Says...

Tony has just finished having his tarot cards read, on the internet, by a medium who claims that for just ten pounds she will predict the future.
According to Mystic Marion, Tony's employment situation may change in the summer, when the chance of a lifetime presents itself, and will be too good to refuse. However, he needs to pay close attention to his health, and could benefit by taking up some form of excercise. Finally, a stranger will visit Tony at the end of the year, bearing gifts, and bringing with him some startling news that will change Tony's life forever.
Tony reckons that it's the best ten pounds he's ever spent, and after Mystic Marion's assessment of what's to come, he now feels like a new man, and although he hopes that she's wrong about him finally getting a job, he also hopes that the gift-bearing stranger will bring him a new video games console, the latest wide-screen television, and a plane ticket to Las Vegas.
Personally, I think that Mystic Marion is a charlatan, who enjoys taking money from people like Tony, only to give false hope in return.
Still, if Tony is happy, then that's a good thing, and although he could have spent his money on something more useful - like a couple of pints of lager, and a packet of cigarettes - he says that from now on he's going to keep a close eye on his health, and to shed a few pounds, he's seriously thinking about taking part in this year's London marathon, because, as he says, a fat man is a man without a future!

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