Saturday, 31 March 2012

Those Rich Americans

Last night Tony and me spent a wonderful evening in our favourite pub, thanks to a cash-rich family from the U. S. of A., who wasted no time in plying us with drinks, in exchange for some friendly banter and friendly advice.
My overweight friend, Tony, simply loves all things American, and he took a real shine to Kathy, who was the eldest of the two daughters accompanying her parents on a tour of our fine country.
Kathy thought that Tony was cute, with his bulging stomach, cheerful patter and witty jokes.
Kathy's father - Jim - said that it was great to find a fine pair of guys like us, and that we're the sort of people who give the English a good name.
Now, that made me chuckle, but as Jim continued to buy us beer all night long, and tell us that we were welcome to visit him in Denver, from where he hails, Tony made sure that he didn't cross the line which separates decency and indecency, by making sure that he didn't make a play for his daughter.
I fancy a trip to Denver, and when we exchanged e-mail addresses with our new friends, Tony told Jim that we'll be taking him up on his offer, and look forward to visiting him soon.
Jim smiled, and said that it was a great idea, and back home he has so much he wants to show us.
All we need to do now is get a job, so we can earn some money,and buy ourselves a couple of plane tickets.
Tony says it's possible, but to be quite honest, the thought of getting a job sounds too radical for me, and that whilst Denver sounds great, the benefits of being unemployed are so much better!

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