Saturday, 3 March 2012

Welcome To Scotland

So, thanks to our recent furniture removal job, which took us as far north as Glasgow, the boy Tony and and me are a few hundred pounds richer.
It was the easiest money we're ever likely to earn, because although we were paid to unload a furniture removal lorry,we made sure that our two colleagues, a rather dull pair of individuals called Mike and Peter, did all of the heavy lifting, with Tony and me handling nothing more than five pounds in weight. At one point Mike became quite agressive with us, saying that unloading a lorry requires teamwork, but Tony soon put the dreary bastard in his place by telling him that the boss never mentioned anything about working together, and anyway, with our delicate backs and ageing muscles, it was best if they did all of the heavy lifting.
Of course, once the job was done, and the customer had thanked us for our efforts, Tony and me left Mike and Peter and took ourselves off for a drink in a nearby pub.
At first, the lager we were served was warmer than the welcome we received, but after downing a few pints with the natives, we were soon laughing and joking with the pub's lager-swilling and whisky-guzzling customers.
We would have liked to stay longer, but boring Mike and Peter said that they wanted to head back to London before it got dark, because Peter has trouble driving at night.
Needless to say, our colleagues drove all the way home, whilst Tony and me continued to drink ourselves merry in the back of the lorry, whilst both agreeing that whilst Scotland may not be the best place to spend a Friday morning, it's certainly a lot better than Wales!

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