Monday, 9 April 2012

The Delights Of Camping

Tony and me have just got back to London after spending five days camping in the English countryside, with a few of our friends.
The camping adventure had been organised by Kevin, our friend who peels vegetables for a living, and we were joined by Glen and his girlfriend (a very charming couple), Andy (just out of prison for the umpteenth time), and a couple of other heavy-drinking, tattooed beasts, who spent most of the time trying to seduce a couple of Danish girls, who were camping just next to us.
The girls eventually allowed Paul and Mark to sleep with them, after Paul told one of the girls that he was a one-woman man, and treats girls with total respect. Tony laughed when he heard that, and he said that if the two Danish girls thought that Paul and Mark were a fine example of English gentlemen, then they clearly had lived a very sheltered life.
Glen said that it's the smell of the countryside that turns men into hormone-charged sex maniacs, and that back in London one's sexual desire is dampened by the smell of exhaust fumes and a lack of quality air.
Glen could be right, because London can be quite depressing at times, and although I like the thought of sleeping in my damp flat, on my equally damp mattress, a few days in a tent, sleeping on a groundsheet, can do wonders for a man's mind, and may lead to a few days of wild sex!

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