Monday, 23 April 2012

The Oldest Teenagers In Town

Tony and me think that it's our couldn't-care-less attitude that keeps us going through life, when people all around us are giving up the struggle, and giving in to mental breakdowns and executive stress.
We are the oldest teenagers in town - both in our early forties - but still acting like a couple of nineteen year old men, and enjoying life to the full.
We may not be the richest people in London, but we still manage to live the good life.
The cheeseburgers are great, the lager is fantastic, and the occasional afternoon spent having rough sex is always welcome.
There's no time for nervous or mental breakdowns in our life, anxiety isn't making us anorexic (although Tony could do with losing some weight), and the worldwide financial crisis hasn't changed our spending habits, because we're permanently broke.
So, embrace our live for today - and to hell with tomorrow attitude, follow us on a fantastic jorney, AND START LIVING!

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