Friday, 4 May 2012

Back To The Eighties

Tony reckons that the eighties was the best period of his life - with so many jobs on offer, the explosion of the property market, and the general feel-good factor that gave people a real reason to live. Also -as he rightly adds - beer and cigarettes cost much less than they do today.
It always makes me chuckle when my fat friend thinks about the past, because even if the eighties was a great decade, Tony hardly benefited from anything that was going on around him.
For a start, whilst there were thousands of job opportunities available, and unemployment was lower than it is today, the idle bastard didn't bother to get a job, because - as he often says - the stress of working for a living would probably be enough to kill him.
And the property boom? Well, Tony never invested in any property, because renting a flat or house - according to him - would have played havoc with his cashflow, and given him less cash to spend in the pub.
However, I think the boy is right about the feel-good factor, because as I stare from our window at the street below, I can't help think that most people look terribly depressed.
Anyway, the eighties are over, and nothing is going to change that. So now, we're both off to the pub to drink ourselves senseless, and try not to think about how much a pint of lager and a packet of cigarettes cost today, and how cheap such luxuries were all those years ago.

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