Monday, 14 May 2012

One Foot In New York

We had a great evening in the pub last night - and thanks to Lyndsey and Shannon, from New York - Tony's dream of visiting the Big Apple could become reality, if the fattest man in London plays his cards right.
Our two new friends are visiting London with their parents, and after Lyndsey and Shannon charmed us with their natural assets, their father - Doug - was only too pleased to ply Tony and me with vast amounts of lager and whisky, in exchange for information on what's hot, and what's not worth seeing, in our fine city.
Of course, our knowledge of London soon impressed Doug, and after giving him and his wife a list of all of the best things to visit, he said that he was glad that he had come across two decent guys like us.
Now - and as you probably well know - Tony has been called many things in the pub before, but decent isn't usually an adjective that's aimed at him (fat, useless and lazy - yes, but not decent).
At the end of the evening we were all merrily drunk, and although Tony would have liked to have shared his bed with the delightful Shannon, he managed to resist forcing himself upon the poor girl, and made do with an exchange of email addresses.
Tony was more than pleased with his evening's work, and as Doug seems to be the sort of man who we'd like to have as a friend (he's apparently the owner of a very successful chain of pizzerias, and therefore very rich), Tony hopes that with his charm, and powers of persuasion, the pizza king of New York might pay for us to fly out to New York, as a way of thanking us for the hospitality and friendship we showed him and his family.
I'm not getting too excited about anything, but because Tony is always of a positive frame of mind, and he believes that miracles do happen, he thinks that in a few weeks time we'll be saying goodbye to London, and hello to New York.

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